June 17, 2017

Pacific Northwest 2017 | Family Time | Minnesota Photographer

What a treasure it is for us to spend time with our children and explore this spectacular world God created for us to enjoy!  We are excited to share with you some of the beautiful sights we were blessed to experience during our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest!  If you like majestic tall pines, lush forests, stunning flowers, and beautiful ocean views, then this is the blog post for you!

Heading up into the hills from the Cody, Wyoming area.

Look closely! A momma moose and her baby are headed into the woods!

Buffalo Bill Dam


Sylvan Lake, Yellowstone National Park

Snow angels were a must!

This majestic guy was posing perfectly for the crowd!

The beauty of new growth.

Yellowstone Lake

Kepler Cascades

A long way down.

Old Faithful

Amazing colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring in the Midway Geyser Basin.

Southeast Oregon, in the middle of nowhere.

Off the entrance road to Crater Lake National Park. We had to hop out of the vehicle and take a deep breath of that fresh pine scent!

Crater Lake

A beautiful afternoon, with sunshine one minute and light hail a few minutes later.

Minnesota winters really aren’t that bad, are they?

So quiet and beautiful!

A little perspective on the piles of snow.  We would have loved to see how high they were before they started melting!

Love this shot!

The first In-N-Out in Oregon!! Yum!

The absolutely gorgeous Redwood National Park!

Cathedral Trees Trail, Prairie Creek

So calm, so peaceful, and SO breathtaking!

Banana slug

Elk Prairie

The spectacular, yet slightly treacherous, drive to Fern Canyon.

This guy was hiding in the trees right next to the road.

The Fern Canyon hike was incredible!

A portion of one of the Jurassic Park movies was filmed here!  A little disappointing that we never found any dinosaurs!

Water was trickling down the walls among the ferns and moss. So tranquil.

Another favorite shot! What a beautiful place!

We made it, with about an inch to spare on each side of the vehicle! 🙂

Love this!

Howland Hill Road, originally a stagecoach route, was another stunning drive! More than a little frightening to imagine riding in a stagecoach on some of those turns and hills!

Stout Grove. Majestic, quiet and peaceful.

No, we did not carve this, but how fun to find!

Loved this!

One of our favorite shots of the trip!

How beautiful is this?!  Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California

A beautiful morning at Crescent Beach!

Simpson-Reed Grove. Loved the sunshine coming through those giant trees!

More beautiful blooms!

Whalehead Beach.

Sea barnacles are pretty cool.

So fun!

😉  Wonder where this came from?!

Cape Perpetua

Our favorite highlight of the trip was our visit with greatly missed friends!!!!  During our time with them, they took us to the incredible Adelman Peony Gardens in Salem. WOW!!

Peonies for miles!

Our sweet friends also took us to Silver Falls State Park, which was such a beautiful hike!

So fun to be reunited again!

After a morning of bittersweet good-byes, we headed to the beautiful Multnomah Falls, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.

A favorite trek from Olympic National Park was the Maple Glade Rain Forest Trail in the Quinalt Rain Forest. Amazingly, we were the only people on the trail and it was perfectly quiet and peaceful.

Sunset at Ruby Beach was breathtaking!

We couldn’t resist having a mini senior pic session for our precious Paige, although we still can’t believe this is her last year of high school!

Love this beautiful girl!

The Hoh Rain Forest was also incredibly tranquil. The Hall of Mosses Trail is well-traveled, but so calm and surreal.

A little sunshine on the beach was a perfect way to end our time on the Pacific Ocean.

And what could be more fun for wedding photographers than being approached by a guy who wanted pictures taken as he proposed to his girlfriend?!!!

Snyder Creek at Glacier National Park

Avalanche Gorge

Ahhh, the deep pine fragrance is calling us again!

The hike to Avalanche Lake was a first for us, and we were not disappointed.

Jason’s double exposure of Avalanche Lake is a favorite from the trip!

This guy was standing right next to the trail, keeping an eye on us.

Another shot of the stunning Avalanche Gorge.

Our daughter shot this as we were driving down the road. No, the colors were not altered. What an amazing sunset as we said goodbye to the mountains!

One last stop in the Black Hills to see Mount Rushmore. On this visit, we were able to meet one of the original carvers of the memorial!

Final stop, Badlands National Park.

We will end our post with this pic, taken out the window as we were driving down the road, which just sums up so perfectly how majestic all of God’s creation truly is. We are beyond blessed to have so many memories of time with special friends and the gorgeous things we were able to enjoy and explore!



  1. Angie says:

    Never disappointed looking at your pictures, you have such a good eye for the shot. I love so many of them….I took a picture of a snail on the road in Norway and still get ribbed about it from my Brother, I can’t wait to show him your snail picture! You need to stop and notice the beauty in everything! Nice Job

  2. Cynthia Cramer says:

    Looks like you had an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!! Your photography is always outstanding!!! Thanks again for the awesome peek into your vacation!

  3. Shannon Fure says:

    Oh my you could make a book! I would buy it! Of course my personal favorites were the senior pictures of Paige! And of course all of the kids pictures. Love that Zach! So cute writing in the sand. Such beautiful creation showing God’s amazing handiwork. Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing with us who may never see that in person!

  4. Valerie says:

    Thank you for sharing your point of view of God’s wonderful creation. Loved the pictures.

  5. Kitty Miller says:

    Looks like a beautiful trip! You cam very close to where we live.

  6. Carol Schultz says:

    Love, love, love your photos!! What a special blessing your trip was for your family!! Lots of favorites, especially the ones with our good looking grandkids!! ???

  7. Marina says:

    J & A Your photos need to go into a book they are GREAT!!! Looks like you had an great time. Until the next adventure! PS I can not believe P is a senior how time flies.

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