January 21, 2017

2016 in Review | Weddings and Engagements | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

WHAT A YEAR!!!!  We always have such mixed emotions when reviewing our year, as we step back in time and feel the emotions and happiness throughout!  We have the honor of being a part of SO MANY AMAZING MOMENTS, that it is hard not to wish we could go back and experience them all over again!   We are very excited to share just a few of our favorite wedding and engagement moments, showing the joy and sometimes tears we capture, as well as lots of images that really exhibit our passion for timeless, unique, sun-kissed, elegant images for our clients!

THANK YOU to all of our wedding clients and their families for allowing us to be a part of your lives and trusting us with your precious memories!!  What a blessing you all are to us!  It is truly because of you that we are looking forward to our best year yet!

Ready, Set, GO!  Enjoy this very, very happy post!

Helen and Brian put so much time and effort into making their first dance absolutely unforgettable! We are still wanting an encore!

Jake is almost as crazy about bridges as he is about Emily, so this shot was a must!

“Let the adventure begin…” (We are BEYOND blessed to be a part of so many amazing moments!!!)

Such an emotional day…this pic just captures the sweet, tender moments of the day!

How much happier could one pic be?

Stunning details always make us happy!

Simply fabulous florals was the theme for 2016!

When your photographer asks you to step outside for a few minutes during the dreamy golden hours of the evening, go for it!!!  You’ll be very glad you did!

A special bouquet made lovingly by the father of the bride!

Silhouettes at sunset are the best!

Yummy floral goodness!

Helen = Happy!


How about this amazing reception detail?

Just dreamy!

How special to be with these precious people as they share their emotional moments with us!

Oh, sunshine, how very happy we were to see you!

Way to go, Cotton-eye Joe!


It’s moments like these….

The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Bridal parties that are so incredibly kind and excited for our couples are another reason we LOVE what we do!

Sunflare perfection!

Unending florals running down a gigantic King’s table in the enchanted woods of Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery? Yes, please!

Hungry anyone?

Sisters, both Malwitz Photography brides, enjoying a very special moment! How could we not love this shot?!!

Beautiful, radiant brides, choosing us to tell their stories! What an honor!

When the groom joins the bluegrass band and amazes us with yet another talent!!!!   The High 48s were simply out of this world!!

This ring bearer is especially handsome! 🙂 He’s also our youngest!!

These two get the award for the coldest wedding day and still willing to head outside for some pics! Pretty sure it was low single digits and very gusty winds, but they smiled right through it!!  Yay for Snickers, right Brad?!!

Sweet, sweet emotions of joy!

Jason’s favorite menu by far this year! Prairie Pride pulled pork!!

We just adore that Maddi and Tanner’s children and grandchildren will look back at these pictures and feel the love and emotion of their wedding day!

This guy…he started crying long before he even saw his bride! He just couldn’t WAIT to marry his gorgeous love!!

A little rain and a little mud never phased these two! If anything, it only made them enjoy their day even more!

Our sweet couples sending other clients our way is truly a blessing to us!!  We loved seeing so many of our brides and grooms again this summer!  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for telling others about our business!

Would you look at these two? SO SWEET!

Just beautiful! Love that backlighting!  (And two more of our beautiful brides in this shot!!  So fun!!)

This little wedding guest belongs to one of “our couples” and is just an added bonus to our blog post! 🙂

When our bride’s family feels like our family, it is truly the greatest honor of all!

The award for most bug bites suffered during wedding pics goes to these two right here!

Boomer had our hearts the very first time we met him! Not only was he a fantastic ring bearer, he also made sure he was discreetly a part of most of his “parents” pics as well!

So much love and hard work went into this country wedding!

Amazing light, how we love you!!!

The perfect finish to our blog post…our final engagement session of the year! So dreamy and fun!!



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